A better way

What's the most important thing in your world?

Not a trick question. Take your time. What comes to mind?

When you work with Fiveways Devon, that thing - whatever, or whoever it is - becomes the most important thing in our world too.

Fiveways Devon works with companies, Multi-Academy Trusts, Alternative Provisions, Hospital Schools, PRUs, Local Authorities, schools, school leaders, parents and children. We work with one aim: to enable those involved to make better choices for better lives.

At Fiveways Devon we're passionate about listening. You have a story to tell. You are on the frontline. You are the person that turns up today and tomorrow. You are not just heard - you are heeded. Only then can the right solutions be found.

At Fiveways Devon we're passionate about people. Even the most fantastic projects fizzle out because people are frazzled. Looking after people's wellbeing and sustainable improvement go hand in hand.

At Fiveways Devon we're passionate about community. With many of our projects, up to 50% of profits go to schools, community groups and causes. Why? Quite simply because doing good does you good.


Learning, noticing, connecting, exercising and contributing are the five ways to wellbeing identified by Public Health England.

Five ways. We believe in it so much that we named the organisation after it.

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Ben Slater

Founder and Lead Consultant


  • Successful leader with over 20 years experience

  • Leading improvement in Mainstream, PRUs, AP and Hospital Schools at all Key Stages

  • Chair of LA Behaviour & Attendance Network

  • School Representative on LA Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub/ Safeguarding Governor

  • Governor of Virtual School

  • Vice Chair of LA Head's Association

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Youth Worker and Chaplain (UK and France)

  • Designer & Photographer

  • Action Researcher

  • Writer

  • ITT Trainer and Mentor


  • Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA England)

  • Restorative Practice Trained

  • Attachment Lead Trained (University of Brighton)

  • SEN Expert for Exclusion Processes/ Tribunals

  • Reviewer (Pupil Premium, Inclusion, SEN, Learning and Curriculum).

  • Provider of supervision for frontline staff

  • Precision Leadership Coach and Professional Partner (SIP)

  • Facilitator for Organisational Change Sessions

  • Behaviour Advisor (Student or System)

  • Advocate for Vulnerable Children/ Children in Care

  • PROP Sessions (Professional Real Outcome Projects) for students